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Ogling at those fashion bloggers and celebrities who seem to get that perfect OOTD (Outfit of the Day) shot each and every time is a common practice when scrolling through your Instagram feed on the daily. From the lighting to the angle, to the entire thing looking completely candid and natural… it’s enviable. However, there are definite tricks of the trade when it comes to capturing that perfect OOTD. So here are some of our tips and tricks to help your OOTD look its best!


Lighting is key to capturing a good OOTD. The most important thing is to ensure that the outfit is on display. This means that the image shouldn’t be too dark or too bright so that it distracts from the outfit at hand.

ootd lighting


Choosing a background can be the fun part of taking one of these pictures because you can play around with different themes. If your outfit is more on the minimalistic side you can go for something that’s a little more fun and crazy, whilst opting for a classic brick backdrop would be better if your outfit is doing most of the talking.

ootd background


Those images of bloggers that always look so effortlessly candid and cool are the things that Instagram dreams are made of. Try to keep it natural by having the person taking the photograph take multiple ones as you’re just engaging in a casual conversation in order to give it that organic vibe.

ootd candid


Lower Angle

As any photographer knows, angles are key. The angle in which the image is shot can change the entire perspective. Thus, when taking an OOTD, it’s best to shoot from a lower angle. A lower angle provides for the subject to look leaner and taller and gives the image some added interest.

ootd angle

Will you be incorporating these tips into your next OOTD’s?

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