5 Styling Tricks That Will Make You Look Slimmer

how to look slimmer

Sure, we all know that a healthy diet combined with exercise is the best way to lose weight, feel good and look hot. But the right clothing can make a huge difference to how your body is perceived as well! Linh and I aren’t size 0’s, so, when it comes to shopping, we not only look for deals but we also make sure to pick clothing that makes us look thinner (and, especially important for us, taller). Today we’re sharing our top 5 styling tips for flattering your body, no matter what your size.


Invest in Spanx (or any other brand of shapewear). Shapewear helps to make you look leaner by accentuating your waist, slimming down your thighs, hugging your stomach and boosting your buttocks. It’s great to wear under bodycon dresses, evening gowns or even skinny pants. There are so many different types of shapewear – the type you choose will depend on which areas of your body you are concerned with. Here are a few examples of shapewear that we find works for all body types.


Top Left to Right – Slimming body with a supportive bra built in; Target the tummy and structured fit ensures good posture, Bottom Left to Right – Firms the tummy and waist; Target the tummy, thighs and rear

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This is probably one of the most important tips for everyday wear. Linh and I are lucky that our mom is a seamstress who can hem most of our clothing because we’re not tall girls. But for those who don’t know how to sew or don’t want to spend that extra money on alterations, here’s what you need to look for in terms of length when you’re trying to look thinner. Try wearing capris that sit around your ankles and have a slim fit. As for skirts, go with knee-length pencil skirts or fitted A-line skirts. Pair skirts with black tights for an even slimmer look. Avoid baggy capri pants and puffy calf-length skirts.

ankle pants

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pencil skirts

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Ahhhh this is probably one of the hardest tips for us to follow when it comes to shoe shopping. There are so many different types of shoes, but only a few that we can wear. Finding the right heel height can make a marked difference to the outfit you’re wearing. When you’re wearing a dress or skirt, try wearing heels that are 2 inches or taller. These will make you taller, make your legs look longer and make your clothes fall better. Wear heels with pointy toes or open toes – these will elongate your body. Try to avoid square toes or big, chunky heels, which will make you look shorter and stockier.


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Okay, this is probably not so much a tip as a given. “All black everything black” is the key to looking slimmer; however, if you want to add a little colour to your wardrobe, accessorize by adding a coloured belt or bold jewellery. This’ll definitely turn a black outfit into something bright and fun! Colours to avoid if you’re aiming to slim down? Pastels and whites.

black outfit

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High-Waisted Pants

This is a tricky one: if high-waisted pants are not worn properly, they can definitely make you look bigger than you are. However, worn the right way, they are our #1 slim-down item to look for when we’re buying pants. The key is the material: look for a slim-fit/high-waisted stretchy denim or non-pleated trouser. Be sure that the pants hit above your belly button and have a zipper. High-waisted trousers can be the base of some great looks – pair with a nice, loose blouse tucked in or with a crop top. Avoid wearing tight-fitting tops with this type of trousery.

high waisted jeans

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Marilyn Monroe

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  1. What a great post – well written and fun to read! I didn’t know that high-waisted pants could be slimming, I’ve always avoided them. Maybe you need to come shopping for a pair with me 😀

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    Awesome post! I love all my ankle pants ( because they fit like regular) 😉 and I love that Marilyn Monroe quote 🙂

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