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Fall is in full swing across Canada. With the temperatures getting lower and lower, your closet tends to get bigger and bigger. Thick coats, jackets, and flannels take over your fall and winter wardrobe.

While you may think that just throwing a coat over your shoulders will keep you warm, you could still end up cold and uncomfortable. No matter if you’re hitting the trails or simply taking a stroll, proper layering is crucial.


Layering Basics You Need to Know This Fall

To help you stay completely protected from the elements this fall, we’ve compiled some basic layering tips. To remain both comfortable and safe in cold weather, you should have three layers of clothing.

Layer #1: The Base

Layer number one, or the base layer, is the layer of clothing that comes in direct contact with your skin. This layer should be composed of clothing made from materials such as wool or silk. They dry quickly, are very breathable, and resist odour. They are often worn to keep you warm, even in the event that they get wet.

Layer #2: The Mid

The mid layer provides the most flexibility. There are many options for mid layer clothing, such as a quilted jacket, insulated vest, or even a fleece jacket. In some cases, this can be your final layer, depending on the environment you will be in.

The overall goal of the mid layer is to be protective, but not too bulky. This way, if you get too warm in your outer layer, you can still be protected even with just a mid layer jacket on.

Layer #3: The Outer

If you are heading outdoors in really bad weather, an outer layer is needed. This should be the heaviest of all three layers. Try jackets with waterproof elements built in, like our Premium Duck Hooded Jacket, so you can stay warm and dry, no matter if you’re caught in the rain or a snow storm.


Now that you know the basics of layering, you’ll be able to fight the frightful fall weather with ease. Stocking up on breathable, water resistant clothing now while it’s only chilly will save you from a trip outside when the weather is downright dreadful.

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