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The holiday season is upon us. With it comes carolling, winter markets, and notorious to Canada….sno…wait…rain?! So much for having perfectly paired all my outfits with winter boots, I now had to seek out a pair of rain boots. I looked at my credit card…it genuinely looked tired…could it take another swipe? To distract myself from my crisis – to swipe or not to swipe– I perused social media, and an event entitled “Fashion for social action” caught my eye. Not only was this event about giving back through fashion, but also one of the designers specialized in rain boots…the universe was giving me a sign. It was telling me to change out of my yoga pants, stop online shopping and get out of the house.

Fashion for Social Action was hosted at the Aga Khan Museum on Nov 28, 2018. It highlighted the work of four fashion-forward entrepreneurs making a difference through couture. The brands featured included Pedram Karimi, Alice + Whittles, Kotn and Zendagi. Each designer was asked to elaborate a bit about their brand, and showcase their designs.

The first panelist was Pedram Karimi, one of my favourite artists because of his eco-friendly vegan-inspired brand. Pedram’s clothing embraces the concept of equality and inclusivity through gender-neutral pieces. The two models in the first image on the far right showcased couture from Pedram’s recent collection. Pair that noir jumpsuit with any backpack like this Kate Spade leather cutie…and #slay. When asked about his hope for the future of fashion with his brand, Pedram answered that he is “hoping for a more inclusive world which gives everyone a chance to feel like they can be themselves.”

Alice + Whittles co-founder Sofi Khwaja was an inspiring lawyer turned fashion entrepreneur on the panel. Her company, Alice + Whittles helps contribute to communities in Sri Lanka and prioritizes values of transparency and ethics within the development of the ever so cute Alice + Whittles rain boots. What happens when a cute Alice + Whittles rainboot meets a tall dark and gorgeous trench like this Mackage Zipper jacket? It steps up your rain game.

You know when you take a stroll down Queen Street and you see that minimalist classy clean store whose name you don’t know how to pronounce?  Well it’s pronounced…cotton. Kotn co-founder and CEO Rami Helali, explained how Kotn makes fine cotton couture and ensures that with every sale, some proceeds help with the development of schools which are desperately needed in the communities in which Kotn manufacturers. So if you think its time to hang up the little black dress and purchase a little black turtleneck, do it guilt-free by knowing each purchase is making a difference.

As the event came to a close and we exited into the foyer, we had a chance to see the jewellery that was showcased by Zendagi. Imagine knowing exactly the story of the artisan behind the jewellery in your closet. With a Zendagi product, you no longer have to imagine. You can find out.

As I left the event, I felt inspired to use couture to be who I want to be and to give back through fashion. I was off to purchase my first pair of Alice + Whittles rain boots and to “make an impact with every step I took”. So live, love, laugh and run…in boots! Until next time…

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