Tips & Trends | Fun In the (Winter) Sun

Whoever said you can’t have a little fun in the winter sun was dead wrong. In fact, the only way to enjoy the winter (in my humble opinion) is to wear your best pieces to get you through the season. It’s harsh. It’s cold. But the sun still shines bright, meaning the same harmful UV rays are in effect even in the colder weather.

Let me put it like this. Here’s an excuse to elevate a look. Accessorizing in the winter time can make an outfit look more put together. With sunglasses, it REALLY ties everything together because it’s at eye level and typically the first thing that catches your attention. On a snowy day especially, when you’re layered up top to bottom, this is a great strategy to balance out your look! 

As you know, our girls Anh and Linh find the best of designer for their clientele. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of sunnies for this season and beyond, check these ones out on the shop section of our website!

1.    Chanel | CC Shield Sunglasses: $150

2.    Chanel | Round Polarized Sunglasses: $100

3.    Moschino | Small Rectangle Sunglasses: $100

4.    Roberto Cavalli | Black Frame Sunglasses With Embellishment: $100

How do you style sunnies? Let us know in the comments!

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