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Well, winter is here to stay (cue the tears). HOWEVER, style never dies (woo-hoo!!!). With that being said, the BEST way to get through the season is to think about what’s to come (positivity over everything ladies and gentlemen). Spring is one of my favourite seasons, simply because of what it represents: new beginnings and a fresh start. As I mentioned in previous blogs, I have a mood/style board that I am constantly adding to and replenishing. I’m currently thinking about how I want to transition into the season and the first thing that came to mind is sneakers…sneakers, sneakers and some more sneakers! I’ve compiled a bunch of photos to get inspo from!

My goal is to always look chic, no matter what I’m wearing. While there are days that I look pretty rough (I’m human, I’ve earned those days), comfort is something I never thought I would be able to incorporate in an otherwise chic look. But it’s definitely possible! I never feel like I’m compromising style for comfort and that’s what’s super important.

It takes some extra styling and a little more attention to detail to get the right silhouette but trust me, it’s worth it. It is especially useful to have a pair of sneakers that you dress up if you’re always on the go and have to look put together or if you want to look more put together, period.

Lately, sneakers have been an absolute go-to. They can still be quite professional if you style them according to what you’re dressing for (depending on the dress code of course). I take bits and pieces from the (unofficial) street style bible all of the time and without a doubt, sneakers make up most of the different looks. I knew I had to share this tip with you because while heels are wonderful, we’re working women and we all deserve to walk strong and walk steady…and look fabulous while doing it!

How do you style your sneakers? Let us know in the comments!

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