Karl Is My Guardian Angel: Chanel Fall 2019

“As the models dashed away tears, and the audience stood in gratitude to applaud, the unforgettable memory of Karl Lagerfeld’s elegant, frivolous mind was lifted onto the Olympus of the fashion greats.” -Vogue

Legend. Icon. Pioneer. Visionary. Creative. Artist. Genius. Larger than life. And even these words aren’t enough to describe the legacy of Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl was a revolutionary as much as he was a man of tradition. He kept it old school but he was also a forward thinker. It takes a lot to fill the role of creative director at Chanel but Karl did it with poise, class and passion. There was no such thing as limitation in his world…he crossed the line every time in the best way possible. Vogue wrote: “it was Lagerfeld who irreverently illuminated the codes of Chanel—irradiating them in the constantly changing sidelights of the events of four decades’ worth of current affairs, the serial revolutions of fax, the Internet, social, and the global reach of fashion to new generations in Asia, and beyond.”

As they say, the show must go on. Thus, Chanel presented their fall 2019 collection but this was more than a fashion show. This was a celebration of an epic human being and an epic career. The magnitude of his craft and the soul he poured into his role was on display. Each look was carefully thought out; the scene just as detailed. You could feel his presence and energy. That’s the kind of impact only so many have in this world.

While we mourn the loss of Karl, we keep him close – in our hearts and in the House of Chanel.

From our family here at Designer Swap, our thoughts and prayers of healing are devoted to his loved ones. May he rest peacefully. 

What are your favourite Karl moments? Let us know in the comments!

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Images courtesy vogue.com

Sources: vogue.com 

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