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Have you ever gotten that last minute text from a friend or your girl squad saying “be ready in 30 minutes?” Your response is riskier than a text to your crush. As soon as you say yes, it’s do-or-die. 30 minutes? Impossible! But I’m here to help. Every time I have plans, getting ready is a dramatic spectacle/extravaganza (I wanna look cute for my friends, okay). What to wear, what makeup look to go for, how to wear my hair-all things to be considered. However, my secret weapon is to have basic staple pieces in your closet that are no-brainer go-tos when you don’t have as much time on the clock; the ones that are bulletproof when it comes to styling.

Here’s a list of 5 things to have readily available in your wardrobe when you’re in a crunch:

Bodycon Dresses

Denim Shorts


Maxi Dresses


What are some of your favourite last-minute summer pieces? Let us know in the comments!

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