Tips & Trends | Late Summer Stripes – How to Pull off This Transitional Pattern

There’s something simply spectacular about seasons transitioning. Maybe it’s that crisp morning air. Maybe it’s that smell of pumpkin spice on the horizon. But let’s be serious: it’s definitely about amping up your wardrobe for the new season! And when you’re making the switch from Summer to Autumn but aren’t really ready to let go of Summer lovin’ just yet, there’s nothing that compares to the perfect late Summer pattern of stripes, especially in blue and white.

Ask anyone in fashion and they’ll tell you how blue and white striped patterning on clothing always rotates back into the in-trend wardrobe close to the end of Summer. It’s the ideal way to hold on to those summer whites but show that you’re ready to get serious about those Autumn looks.

While there are numerous ways to wear this pattern, here are the best ways to rock it while you’re making that switch from sunshine-y days to early sunsets and cool nights.

Pair a light and airy striped shirt, like the one shown in this image by Free People, with a heavier dark blue jean to make you comfortable from day to night for late August weather. The light fabric on top doesn’t weigh you down and shows you’re aware that the seasons haven’t made the switch-over just yet, and yet the weightier and darker jeans balance the look in a way that says, “Bring on the cool air, Autumn. I’m ready for you!” The juxtaposition of the fabrics is perfection.

How about some allover stripes on some gorgeous two-pieces and jumpsuits? These outfits give the illusion of summer dress while longer pants, heavier material, and letting go of the skin-tight trends of early summer shows you’re ready to grab a hot drink to go, rather than the summer essential Frappe.

Too intimidated by the all-over patterning and not sure if a striped top would suit you? Why not accessorize with this pattern, instead! Whether male or female, this Hugo Boss blue and white striped tie on the Designer Swap website makes a perfect addition to a white dress shirt. Worn loose or tight, it shows your ready for Autumn without jumping in too deep with the pattern.

Men can give this pattern a try with some blue and white patterned socks peeking out from under their dress pants, while some ladies might feel it’s best to give the stripes a shot in a scarf which is how the Europeans prefer to rock it!

Or if you feel like stripes just aren’t for you, spoil yourself with this amazingly priced Michael Kors Monogram Tote from Designer Swap that’s the perfect tone of blue with some light beige straps that give off the same trendy feel that the striped patterning aims to achieve.

However you choose to own this on-trend pattern for the late Summer season, don’t forget to tell people you heard it on Designer Swap’s blog first when the compliments start pouring in.

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