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Every Torontonian is familiar with the pandemonium that is Union Station – the high powered executive that zooms by so fast she whacks you with her purse, the couple that decides to hold hands and take the perfect selfie right in front of the station entrance, the go-trains that I happen to always be one minute too late for, that epic smell of cinnamon buns, the CN tower peeking through….and wait… Louis Vuitton?!

The travelling Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibit, which debuted in Hong Kong in 2017, is taking place in the Sir John A. Macdonald plaza near Union Station until September 30th. The exhibit is one to bring out the nostalgia in anyone by showcasing 160 years of Louis Vuitton through the juxtaposition of 19thcentury pieces and recent collections. Visitors enter into the “Artisans’ Room”, my absolute favourite room in the exhibit, which encourages visitors to experience how the Louis Vuitton masterpieces are handcrafted. One of the artisans allowed me to paint the red stripe on one of the bag’s handles – talk about putting your mark on fashion!

One of the most interesting pieces I found in the exhibit was the Wardrobe trunk from 1928, which literally was a wardrobe – yes with hangers and drawers – in a trunk! It was also fascinating to see LV’s first steamer bag and the advertising that accompanied it.

Louis Vuitton’s first steamer bag

For those of you who were around during the cassette tape generation – you would appreciate the 1982 cassette box that was showcased. This cassette box housed 10 cassette tapes – and had a buttoned cover – you know if you didn’t want your friends to see the extent of your Madonna obsession.

If you have LV in your life, like the Neverfull bag which I have somehow found a way to fill, or the shoulder bag, such as the Monogram Canvas one here, you know that these bags eventually become the go-to bags that you cannot live without. However, many of us do not know much about the man behind the brand. I liked the exhibit because it provided a glimpse into this fascinating man. Louis Vuitton founded his company and opened his first store in Paris in 1854. Finally, 160 years later, Louis Vuitton made its way to Canada – to add to the fashion heaven that is Bloor Street.

The pièce de résistance of this exhibit is the “Magic Malle” which uses animation and technology to showcase the history of the trunk and the innovation that has brought the company to where it is today.

As I walked out of the time capsule exhibit, I considered myself grateful to have experienced the history of a brand that I have grown to love. So love, laugh, dream big, and be late for your next train and instead… go back in time… in style.

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Images courtesy of Anisa Shivji

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