Tips & Trends | Mustard Yellow – This On-Trend Colour Accentuates Every Skintone!

My favourite thing about preparing your wardrobe for Autumn is when the mustard yellows start to come out. You see them in storefronts, you see them on the runway, you see them making accessories pop on strangers walking downtown streets, you simply can’t help but be drawn to this colour no matter where it is. Curry colours truly fit their name – they’re so hot right now! Here are a few ways you can rock it, including a few lewks from my own wardrobe.

The most amazing thing about mustard is that it seems to work with every other colour. I have this stunning pair of Alexander Wang pants that are in this odd, textured, bright turquoise, something you’d never think would match with anything other than white. But, believe it or not, the pants look best with mustard up top! And it’s no surprise. Not only does it work well with various clothes of unique colours, it also matches well with every skin tone. It doesn’t wash out people with fair skin and people with darker skin tones look like goddesses when wearing mustard. A warm curry colour compliments everyone.

If you want to take this colour to the next level, wear it all over! Throw a blanket scarf or a knitted sweater over your romper or one-piece and you are going to look extra fly owning this beautiful tone that will transition you easily into those cooler Autumn nights and have you stand out in the process. This colour never ceases to turn heads. Try out this Henri Bendel clutch against an all-mustard jumpsuit and watch how many eyes give you a glance!

If you don’t think you can wear the colour, how about accessorizing with it? I have this glorious aubergine Furla purse and inside, I have a Mat&Natt wallet in mustard. When I pull out the wallet and have it complimented against the purple, you should see the attention it gets! This colour added to any outfit in any format draws in everyone’s eye. It just works. Pair some mustard slides with some dark jeans and a white shirt – bam! Pair some mustard earrings with a little black dress – bam! Pair a mustard headwrap with a casual, heavily patterned outfit, and you’ve just fancied-it-up a notch.

Designer Swap has some outstanding examples of how this colour works as an accent to outfits. This mustard accented L.A.M.B. clutch just seems to make any outfit pop, and is a clear example of how the colour works with anything else. Want to invest in a mustard bag that’s worth every penny, that will take this colour (and your look) to the next dimension? Then look no further than this Hermes bag. If you don’t have the wallet for that kind of investment, this Marc Jacobs mustard accented purse is a perfect alternative!

Need to see how I rocked this colour? Have a look:

I wasn’t lying when I said it was my favourite colour right now! Mustard tank with a Tory Burch skirt, mustard floral top with a pair of shorts, mustard pants with some converse and a white tank, and mustard stripes (with a mustard accented scarf) over navy tulip pants… it’s just too easy to make this curry colour work.

Do you have a favourite mustard piece? And if you’ve never tried the colour before, how do you plan to rock it after reading this blog post? Leave us a comment, and don’t forget to follow the blog for more inspiration!

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