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Scroll through Aleksandra’s blog and you will notice two things: her seemingly endless collection of designer bags, and her ability to pull off any outfit. She is our source of inspiration, and we envy her wardrobe. Bookmark her blog ASAP – you won’t regret it.

1. What or who inspired you to start blogging about fashion?

I love fashion. I love playing with clothes. I love interacting with people and providing ideas. I started the blog to share my outfits (good, bad and the ugly) and see if I would love being a blogger. It turns out I love blogging a bit, but I love more interacting with people in person and on Instagram.

2. As an employee in the Financial Industry, how do you find time to blog and share your love of fashion?

It gets tricky sometimes. I used to blog 4 times a week. I also shared my posts on other platforms which help bring in more traffic. But it all got a little too much so I took time off to figure out what I wanted to do with the blog. I realized I would not like this to be my full time job but I loved it as a hobby. I decided to continue blogging once a week and concentrate more on my Instagram page. Though I share one outfit a week on my blog, I share more of my daily outfits on Instagram. Those are usually snapped on the go 🙂

3. Some would say your style is bold with a touch of classic. How would you describe your personal style?

Eclectic! And very much me. It is solely driven by how I feel that day. I love way too many styles and I don’t think one should limit oneself with picking just one style group to belong to. The only styles I don’t wear are those that don’t fit my body properly, other than that, the sky’s the limit.

4. What is your favourite fashion trend?

Oh, that kind of question is very hard for me to answer. I can’t tell you what my favourite food is, or color. I like too many hehehe. I’m very much into statement sleeves currently.

5. Where is your favourite place to shoot your blog photos?

It depends on what outfit I’m wearing. If it is a busy outfit, then I prefer a clean wall. There are a few near me that I fall back on. Otherwise, I love shooting in the city near older buildings with history.

6. What would your advice be to someone who wants to begin blogging?

Just start. Don’t prepare for it to be perfect. Just do it. You will learn as you go. Find a really good platform that works for you. And if you are opening an Instagram page as well, remember it is a different platform then your blog. It most often caters to a different reader.

7. Which of your blog posts would you say is your all-time favourite?

Hard to say. It changes. From the last few months, it probably is the one with a vintage skirt and one of my favourite shoes from Brian Atwood. I really love the skirt. It’s such a classic piece. And I love the mix of this classic with these fun, statement heels.

8. We noticed that with your older blogs you signed off as “Aleksandra”. However, with your more recent posts, it is now “Sasha”. Which name would you prefer to go by and why?

Wow, you really did your homework! I love it! My full name is Aleksandra, however, those close to me call me Sasha. I guess I am used to introducing myself as Aleksandra when I first meet someone so that’s how I started (even though my blog name has Sasha in it). But at some point I decided to revert to my nickname, it’s more natural to me I guess.

9. Where are your favourite places to shop?

I love vintage and consignment stores. I love the excitement of not knowing what little treasure you will find. Most of my designer pieces are found in those stores. I bought only a couple of my designer bags from a store directly.

10. And lastly, are there any upcoming projects you are working on? (Or what your blogging goals for this year?)

I do have few things that I’m exploring, but they are still in research mode. I am also working on expanding and improving my Instagram page. I love working with local businesses and other bloggers, so it would be fun to do more of that as well. I’d also love to work with some followers and provide styling solutions. Interacting with people is very fulfilling for me.

Aside from her blog, you can find Sasha on Instagram!

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