Tips & Trends | Review: My New Favourite (Up)bra

Women spend their lives soul searching: for their soulmate, true friends, dream career…and the best bra. These are the heaven sent, hard to find, gold at the end of a rainbow type things we can only hope for. Now, I personally can’t help you find the first three, but I’ve found the fourth, so let me tell you a little about the wonder and magic of Upbra!

Upbra is a California based company who has created a line of luxury bras and swimwear to “enhance, maximize, lift, & stay up strapless.” Ranging in sizes A-DDD, Upbra offers a comfortable and flattering wear for all of your favourite looks and activities.

Upbra created their own ActiveLift Technology and engineered 4 game-changing features that put a “modern spin on everyday bras” which include:

  1. Extra grip support
  2. Extended hook system
  3. Cleavage control straps
  4. Locking system

Before Upbra, I wasn’t always the best at choosing a bra that fit right or made my boobs look full and perky. Since I’ve always been a bigger chested gal, bra shopping is my form of cardio (don’t tell my doctor please) simply because I won’t just wear ANYTHING. Well, now I have an Upbra that changed that!

The Stay-Up Strapless Upbra® is made for special occasions when you need a powerful strapless bra that will not fall down. This version has a specifically formulated vinyl grip that will keep you up, even when worn strapless! And of course, this bra comes with bra straps in case you want to wear it with straps. Now available in red!

I wear the Upbra Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra in a 36D and enjoy the coverage as well as the support it gives all while making my cleavage look better than it ever has! Best of all, the band does NOT budge or fall down. The material on the bra itself is super soft, yet effective for long-lasting stability. What makes this bra stand out from any bra I’ve ever owned or even tried on, is how customizable it is. There are adjustable straps on the inside of the bra cups for extra va-va-voom (cleavage control straps), as well as an extended hook system (4 hooks) on the back of it for extra comfort.

I was under the impression that because my boobs were big, they automatically seemed more appealing. Boy, was I wrong (*chuckle*). With Upbra, they sit upright (yay!) and look like I’m wearing a padded push-up bra when I’m not. Your secret is safe with me Upbra!

Visit their website to order your new favourite bra! Once you do, give them a shoutout on Instagram or Twitter!

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Images by Donna-Marie. 

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