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Who would have thought something so simple, could make such a huge statement? For a few years now, I have been making an observation around, yes, believe it or not – socks. Now, don’t call me crazy but somehow it has captured my interest to see a well dressed man opt for some funky socks!

I’ve seen some really outstanding changes in men’s fashion, particularly when it comes to suits. No one is settling anymore. Most men (if they care for style, because let’s face it, not all men do, haha) will rock a suit that takes chances, speaks to personal style and/or has a unique touch to it. I love what a man can do with colour or patterns. But I also love what a man can do by adding some character to an outfit. That’s where the socks come into play.

Patterns, colours, stripes, polka dots, PIZZA…there are so many varying styles in the sock world. Though you don’t see them with every glance, I think it’s a man’s way of showing his personality and manhood. It sounds absurd that a pair of socks can do that but it makes sense (in my head it does anyway). I love that a pair of socks can take a tailored, put together ensemble to the next level!


How do you spice up a suit? Let us know in the comments!

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