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Spring is upon us, there is nothing like waking up in the morning, smelling fresh air and hearing the birds sing. With that being said, now that spring has arrived we all should be emerging from our cocoons and spreading our butterfly wings and embracing Spring fashion!

One of my favourite aspects about spring fashion is the footwear. I LIVE FOR SHOES, no matter the season, but I feel like with spring, you’re still able to get away with a variety of different shoes because variety of temperatures in weather. Mother nature can be fickle, but at least it will open up your mind to different shoe possibilities.


The Mule dates back to Ancient Rome; it is a style of shoe that has no back or constraint around the heel. Back then, this particular type of shoe was worn solely as bedroom slippers, but as time evolved, their purpose changed and designers have taken it upon themselves to promote it as an acceptable outdoor shoe as well. I personally love this style as it comfortable and can be worn in a casual or professional setting. (Shop: Manolo Blahnik Beige Patent Leather Sandals)


Over The Knee Boots

This is one of my preferred styles of shoe when I am hitting the town on a night out – one of the reasons why is because over the knee boots can take the most casual outfit to the next level. My personal favourite is to pair these with a long t-shirt dress  and an oversized jean jacket! If any of my friends had to pick a signature look for me, that would be it. Every time I wear my boots I feel a little taller and little more confident. This style of boot is everything and every girl should have a pair in her closet.

Square-Toed Shoes

This style of shoe was a fashion faux-pas for a very long time, but finally it has emerged from the depths of the fashion world and is now being recycled as a trendy look for this upcoming spring.


I love sling-backs for the simple fact that they are one of the easiest types of shoes that you can put on. No fussing with zippers or buckles; just slip it on and go! It is also a timeless style in the world of shoes and is the shoe of a strong, working woman! You can find a simple pair of sling-backs at your local vintage store for a more inexpensive and authentic look. (Shop: Valentino Garavani Rose Gold Open-toe Sling Back Heels)

Manolo Blahnik | Beige Patent Leather Sandals | Size US 6.5 | EURO 37.5

Ankle-Tie Shoe

This is one of my favourite styles of shoe for spring. Finally, my toes can breathe a little bit and have a break from the winter boots. I also love this style for its simplicity and the way the straps criss cross and wrap around your ankle. What a fun way to add flair and a unique touch to any outfit!

What is your favourite spring shoe trend? Let us know in the comments! 

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