Fashion News | Stephan Caras: Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Where do I begin? For someone who has appreciated fashion for as long as I can remember, attending Fashion Week was an opportunity I thought was only meant for my dreams. But I thought wrong. Thanks to the lovely girls here at Designer Swap (SHOUT OUT TO YOU!), I attended the Stephan Caras show at Toronto Women’s Fashion Week and was amazed and floored by the experience.


There was so much to look at. Prior to the show, the location (which both my friend and I thought was brilliant) brought the Fashion Week experience to life. It was a very interactive space where attendees could SLAY LIKE BEYONCE in a modern and futuristic photo booth, get a cocktail before the show, shop the market style merch and clothing stand and/or enjoy the mannequins surrounding the space. I thoroughly enjoyed circling around and taking in everyone’s outfits as well (everyone came in their Sunday best and more, that’s for sure!)

When it was show time, we decided to pick a more open spot to take photos and get a better view of the pieces. I loved the glowing pink heart on the screen at the back of the runway and thought it was a beautiful touch. It set the precedence for the collection in such a simple way.

Caras’s vision was very well put together and was demonstrated in each piece that hit the runway. I found that there was consistency pertaining to the theme, colour scheme, aesthetic and textures.

The one major thing that I want to mention is how diverse the models were. I enjoyed seeing a diverse range of women hit the runway, adorned in beautiful garments and bringing them to live in their own unique way. It brought a smile to my face because I thought back to something Anna Wintour said following the Spring 2018 shows, that “fashion has a responsibility to be in step with the times and not persist in portraying a one-note way of looking at women.”

There was a notable floral theme (reminiscent of Marc Jacob’s 2018 Spring Collection) that captured everyone’s attention. I loved how it was executed through different textiles and patterns.

The great colour scheme utilized really brought out the best of each piece, simply because there was variation between soft and bold. Although the colours were standard (whites, blacks, reds and pinks), they really spoke to the vision immensely.

What caught my eye was a number of textures used. There were textures galore! Whether it was lace or tulle, it really brought some character to each piece and also accentuated each model’s body in such a lovely way.

From start to finish, my eyes didn’t leave the runway. Each piece was absolutely stunning. I lost count of how many times I uttered “oh my God” under my breath. It’s quite breathtaking and astounding to see a collection hit a runway in real life. You have to really understand all of the hard work that goes into it; from the vision, to the materials, to the story, to the production and back to the vision again – it really shows throughout each piece.

Overall, if you can get out to a show next season, I would highly recommend you do so! I can’t say enough positive things about my experience. Even if you don’t know who the designer is, get a feel for their story and enjoy their vision at a show. It’s spectacular to be around people who live and breathe something that you do, especially on such a creative level. I am looking forward to what next season brings and can’t wait to get inspired all over again!

What were some of your favourite moments at Toronto Women’s Fashion Week? Let us know in the comments!

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Photos courtesy of Daniel Mangadap, using a Canon EOS 60D

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