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Mrs. Kardashian West is in the building! Ever since she’s been rocking the blond locks, Kim has been serving some earthy toned, cozy, relaxed-chic realness! I usually always love what she wears anyways, simply because her style is authentically her. It speaks to her personality and makes a statement…but lately, she has been taking her style to new heights. I’ve compiled a number of my favourite looks that have made it to my fashion inspo board (yes, I have one of those…and you should too! It’s super helpful and fun) that have totally caught my eye and will hopefully catch yours too! 

It’s very refreshing to see a red carpet vixen look absolutely smashing in pieces that are more laid back. I simply love the colours she’s working with too. Some of you may disagree and be like, “Don, she’s wearing sweats,” but I think for someone of her stature, to make them stylish, it’s totally important. We’re working women, busy women…sometimes we just want to be comfortable.

Not that we have to wait on Kim to make something trendy or acceptable, but it’s nice when someone with such a huge name and platform looks like…well, one of us. Now, she probably didn’t get her pieces from Forever 21 BUT the point is, it’s humbling to be able to match her style at our own price point.

This aesthetic is a serious game changer. It’s very warm, relatable and achievable. Notably one of my favourite and probably the most consistent set of looks from Kim, too. Each one, whether she’s in biker shorts or an oversized jacket, looks very put together and fashion forward.

I have a feeling that Kanye played a huge role in the styling process simply because it screams “Yeezy.” She’s wearing a lot of samples and/or upcoming releases. I admire that they inspire one another to match each other’s fly. I also appreciate that Kanye uses Kim as his muse, the same way that most women do.

Who is your current style muse? Let us know in the comments!

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