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She’s a mommy, she’s a blogger, she’s a YouTuber, she’s a badass and she’s my style muse. I’ve been following Madeleine Bitici on social media for quite some time; captivated by her fashion forward, relatable and modern approach to blogging. The most notable quality that she embodies and exudes is her fearlessness. Every role she plays in life is done with grace, a bit of quirkiness and elegance. When I look at her, I see a strong woman to look up to and I think every young girl needs someone like that on their social media feed.

Madeleine incorporates different aesthetics to build her lookbooks, varying from sporty chic, to boujee (my favourite). She pulls each look off with ease and defies the rules of what a mom should look like and how she should dress. She doesn’t compromise fashion. She’s herself and at the end of the day, she’s a woman and she knows how to show it off in a fabulous way. I am constantly moved by her ability to make something more bold, so stylish and achievable. She has a great sense of style, finding pieces that compliment each other so well.

As I mentioned before, she is also active on YouTube where she shares her daily life featuring her beautiful little family, her fiance, Adam and son, Avian. She has a welcoming and extremely engaging personality; watching her videos feels like watching a close friend. She lives a humble lifestyle and doesn’t flaunt the fact that she has an enormous following. She does what she loves WITH love and that’s what’s most moving and inspiring.

Click here for her Instagram, and here for her YouTube. If you’d like to visit her blog, see here.

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