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Hi, my name is Donna-Marie and I’m a shopping addict and fashion enthusiast.

(Hi Donna-Marie!)

Now that I’ve come clean, let’s talk about the more juicy stuff. Upbra has made it easier for me to style outfits I would otherwise go braless in or not have the right bra for. I have narrowed down my favourite pieces to pair my Upbra with into 3 categories including: dresses, strapless jumpsuits and tank tops (full or cropped).


A dress is my favourite article of clothing to wear and style. Most of the dresses I own are sleeveless which means having the right bra is imperative. My Upbra gives me enough support to enhance the look of my chest and ensure that my breasts are sitting upright. Most importantly, wearing my Upbra means I won’t have straps showing either.

Strapless jumpsuits

Strapless jumpsuits have become another staple in my wardrobe, simply because they are effortlessly chic, but also super convenient/quick to put on and style. Having a larger chest poses great challenges when it comes to wearing certain articles of clothing, especially anything strapless. However, my Upbra gives me comfort, lift and stability without me having to keep pulling up the top of the jumpsuit all day long.

Tank tops

Lastly, tank tops, like dresses, are a piece of clothing I want to wear without bra straps showing. My Upbra not only takes care of that issue for me, but also enhances my cleavage (woo hoo!) while simultaneously providing a better fit because of how the ActiveLift Technology pushes up and inward.

Like many other women, I’ve had my fair share of insecurities. I developed way before the other girls in school (either I was overly chubby or I actually had boobs at 8 years old…or I was overly chubby), was one of the first to hit puberty, LOVED sports but stopped playing because running made me feel extremely uncomfortable and the list goes on and on. Nowadays, I’m the complete opposite. Over the years, I’ve taught myself a lot about self-love and body confidence, and embracing all that comes with it: a large chest, thick thighs, a lot of jiggle and a ton of cellulite and tiger stripes. I’m an advocate for women of all sizes and I’m so proud to be one of the curvy ones! It’s not always sunshine and rainbows though. In fact, I’d be lying to you if I said it wasn’t a daunting task to fit clothes on my body from time to time…but I’m genuinely floored and impressed by how much of a difference one bra can make.

Thank you Upbra; you’ve up(lift)ed my wardrobe!

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Images by Donna-Marie. 

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