Tips & Trends | Fall 2017: Styling A Pantsuit

What’s sexier than a woman who is bold enough to wear whatever she wants? Nothing. There’s nothing more engaging than the woman who takes chances, especially when it comes to fashion. I find it so intriguing to watch women of all ages and sizes cross the lines that society draws up in front of them to hold them back. I love that in 2017, you can be whoever you want and though that statement isn’t true everywhere you go in the world. I hope to see more men and women get the chance to live that reality moving forward.

I feel like I woke up one day in 2017 and everyone started this trend of revisiting the past. Not complaining though. The culture has gotten way more comfortable with many fashion trends. It’s something so wonderful because most of us feel nostalgic about what’s coming back in style. I’ll take a gander around a store and wish I had even a fraction of my throwback clothes just for reference and comparison. I also love that we’re taking chances, yet staying stylish. Fall is a great time to be one with your closet. I’m here to talk to you briefly about the pantsuit.

For someone who is a bit intimidated by them, I think a suit is a great option to show off your more mysterious/chic side. Nothing says “I’m here for business” quite like a suit can. They make a statement all on their own. I’ve seen them all. Tailored, looser, styled with no shirt, styled with a bra, worn with sneakers, colour, plaid…anything is fair game in the suit world. 


How do you style a pantsuit? Let us know in the comments!

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