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Making its triumphant return is boot season! Whether you love the weather or not, you can warm up to the idea of staying on trend and fashion forward to get through another winter. It can be quite challenging to be stylish and stay warm all at once but I promise you these tips will help you take on the cold and the snow!

TIP 1: Colour Coordination

Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics. Set the tone! Colour coordination is a technique that makes any outfit look better. Believe it or not, sometimes I still reference the colour wheel to refresh the laws of colour theory. It really helps in the world of styling an outfit. There ARE rules but you know what they say, ladies and gentlemen: rules are meant to be broken (sometimes, as long as no one gets hurt). In this case, fashion is all about following rules and breaking them too! When it comes to styling boots, believe it or not, the colour of your boot really sets the tone for your whole outfit so colour coordinate with that in mind! 

TIP 2: Layering

Layering adds depth, therefore bringing more balance to your entire ensemble. I love outerwear as much as the next person but sometimes I opt for a vest too!. Finding the right pieces that are practical, warm and stylish are important. Versatility is key! So, you ask: how does layering affect my boots? Well, your boots want all of the attention, but start at the top and make your way down to create a complete look. The eyes wander but if your outfit is balanced, they will follow each garment like a straight path!

TIP 3: Turn Your Summer Pieces Into Winter Pieces 

This sounds scary. And cold. Very cold. But fret not, it works! (Unless you live somewhere with an outrageously cold climate of course…I’m looking at you, Canada). If you’re someone like me who is NEVER prepared for winter and sacrifices warmth for fashion (I deserve recognition from Anna Wintour because of this), then this tip is for you. There ARE days during the winter season where a dress, skirt or pair of shorts are calling your name. In each case, pantyhose, sheer tights or mesh/fishnet tights are your friends. I loooooove how it looks with a pair of booties or even a tall pair of boots (if you’re wearing a t-shirt dress especially. Don’t ditch the summer wardrobe entirely. Some pieces are definitely transitional depending on how they are styled! Get creative and play around with what works best for your pair of boots!

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