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Hello, from Paris! Fashion week just rounded up, and not only did I have an opportunity to kick it off with talking up-and-coming trends my cousin who’s a designer for a brand called Psycho Bunny, but I also crossed paths with a Fashion Week intern (and aspiring designer), and I saw some of the most amazing streetwear! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a ticket to attend any of the shows, but that didn’t stop me from scoping out people’s reactions and obsessively watching the runways on my laptop.

Because there are far too many shows to go through, I’m going to mention two that stood out the most to me – Chanel, and Balenciaga.


I was so completely overwhelmed with this show. Firstly, Karl Lagerfeld is back in the picture designing this Spring 2019 line. If you’ve been following Lagerfeld’s independent line, you’ll see a man who is passionate about youth and meeting the fashion needs of a young demographic. He brought that vitality to the Chanel pieces; a vitality that the line hasn’t seen in a long while.

While maintaining the classic chic looks that make Chanel absolutely timeless, he added elements and designs that completely energized the brand. The colour-block cardigans, the tweed crop tops (CROP TOPS! IN A CHANEL LINE!), the culotte pants with the slits up the front (reinventing a classic!), the elements of practicality and yet uniqueness with his double waist-bag design, and the modern twists on classic looks was just mind-blowing.


As soon as I saw the set design I thought to myself, “Oh wow — are we all living in a computer? Are modern designs about to pour out, representing humans moving forward in the digital world with intensely advanced fashion?” and I didn’t hit it too far off the mark!

This line was so ahead of the game. It’s insanely modern, sharp, and futuristic, but at the same time, it stresses something very soft. The fabrics balanced the harsh lines in such a complimentary way. I adored the dresses (very ‘Fifth Element’) and the tailored shirts were to die for. Not to mention, the androgynous models were phenomenal. They stressed that we are moving forward into a world of fashion where boundaries are meant to be pushed. The clothing is so multifaceted that it doesn’t make sense to restrict it to one gender!

While I’m truly over ‘square shoulders’ on the runway and my cousin emphasized that he wished the clothing was elevated with something just a little different, I was really glad to see a line that was so ahead of its time.

If you feel up to it, you should check out the full videos of the Paris Fashion Week runway shows on YouTube because you’re sure to discover elements of both shows that stand out to you personally. And I can predict that either one will send you flying over to Designer Swap in the excitement of amping up your own designer wardrobe!

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