Tips & Trends | The Easiest Transition to Fall: Plaid, Fur, and Knit

Fall is a time of transition, the leaves start to turn colours, your regular vanilla iced coffee becomes a pumpkin spiced one, and you can feel the humid summer air start to fade away as it is quickly replaced with the cold, brisk air of fall. Fall is probably my favourite season, even though it can be quite unpredictable. Learning to transition some of your summer pieces and incorporate them into your fall wardrobe can help you to curate the most creative and inspiring and trendy outfits. It can be tempting to go out and buy new clothes every year, but I am going to teach you that curating the perfect outfit can come from items you already own. I know what you’re thinking, “Patricia, it can be so hard to put outfits together.” Don’t worry girl, we got you!

Plaid Shirt and Faux Fur Combo

With fall comes plaid, and I am happily welcoming it. Everyone has an old plaid shirt in the back of their closet somewhere, so why not elevate the look by pairing your plaid pieces with faux fur? The great thing about this look is that it is practical for the weather. A fur vest is the perfect amount of warmth on a brisk fall morning and you can always take it off in the afternoon when it is warmer. Fall is unpredictable and I think this is the perfect combo to beat the hot and cold of fall!

Flowy Dress and Layered Knit Sweater

I love wearing dresses in the summer because they are easy to throw on and pair with virtually anything, but what happens when we transition to fall weather? One day it may be extremely hot, but it can also be super cold. How do we find a happy medium? By layering, with sweaters! This makes a great outfit for a casual day at the office, and the best part about it is that you get to wear your favourite summer dresses for a wee bit longer (we won’t tell anyone).

Summer Tops and Long Jackets

Light and longer jackets during the fall are absolutely essential; you don’t want to be lugging around a huge jacket when something light is all you need to keep warm. Keep on wearing those spaghetti straps and crop tops, but top off with a light jacket! This demonstrates how transitional pieces only need one staple garment to turn it into a casual fall ensemble.

Sweaters and Skirts

Skirts are another garment that can be easily transitioned from summer to fall. I find a great jean skirt, or corduroy skirt with some thin stockings and a chunky sweater make for a great weather appropriate outfit. You’ll also look super cute pairing it with a chunky ankle boot to finish off the look. Transitional weather is a perfect time for trial and error when it comes to your wardrobe, you’re able to curate based on both hot and cold weather garments to create a new look for yourself.

Sweats and Crops

Probably the most comfortable you will be during the fall weather will be in sweaters and crops. My new favourite addiction is swishy pants. They are super retro, plus how comfortable they make it a no-brainer for the fall season. During hotter days, pair with a cropped tee or tube top.

What is your favourite transitional piece for this fall?

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