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Fall is a season of beginnings. If you’re fancier than average you may call it Autumn, and if you’re a student you probably refer to it as back-to-school. If you’re a Mom, then for you it’s the “most wonderful time of the year,” (as coined by the infamous Staples commercial). Whichever of these categories applies to you, chances are you’re experiencing some life ch-ch-changes come September.

While falling leaves and sweater weather inevitably bring newness, your wardrobe can take some cues from the past with ‘90s trends that are making a major comeback. As a self-proclaimed ‘90s fashion enthusiast, I’m going to let you in on five of my favourite blast-from-the-past looks for your fall closet.

Ruffle-Edged Tops

If you were born in the early ‘90s like me, then I can almost GUARANTEE that you wore these at some point throughout your childhood. Little frilly shirts in various pastel hues were the ultimate second grader cool girl fashion statement, and I am happy to say that they’ve recently made a comeback for us adults looking to relive the good old days (or just have a few interchangeable tees on hand). Pair them with an Oxford skirt and loafers or an easy pair of Mom jeans this fall for the perfect casual-but-cute ensemble.


I remember being absolutely crazy for keychains as a kid. I definitely didn’t own a set of keys (due to my lack of car/house), but my collection of Hit Clips songs and Barbie figurine keychains was excessive. Nowadays, keychains have evolved into something significantly more stylish. Clip this Michael Kors Fur Pom-Pom Key Chain on to your everyday handbag this fall for a high-fashion addition that says ‘90s girl, 2.0.

Biker Shorts

Yet another item that you probably remember wearing to grade school, likely paired with light up sneakers and your favourite scrunchie. In the more recent past, I have mainly seen biker shorts being worn for just that- biking. But, much to my delight, Instagram today is totally eating these babies up. Super stretchy and just the right length, they are ideal for those milder autumn afternoons, typically dressed down with your favourite slides or sneakers. They also slay with an oversized hoodie; athleisure at its finest!

Fanny Packs

Ahhhhh, the fanny pack. Though it initially reemerged a few years ago as a streetwear staple, these handy little waist purses are becoming more and more wearable for us daily folk. While I do suggest you take cues from the streetwear enthusiasts, slinging it over your shoulder and sporting it cross-body, the options really are endless for this comeback kid. Luxury brands are starting to release their own versions of the sportswear classic, allowing even the classiest of consumers to hop on the bandwagon. If you have a hard time finding one you could rock, I suggest raiding your Mom’s closet.


Saving best for last, my ultimate ‘90s inspired fall season look is the pullover (if you have a different name for it, imagine a sweatshirt minus the hood). With its ease and simplicity, it is the quintessential cool-weather piece that has endless possibilities. Want to wear one layered on top of a cozy turtleneck? Perfect. Prefer it tucked in to your favourite corduroy skirt? Cute! Want to try one with a bejewelled collar popping out from underneath? Go for it. When it comes to pullovers, I usually gravitate towards neutral colours like black and grey. These hues make an ultra-versatile piece become even more functional.

Is the ‘90s making a comeback in your wardrobe? Let us know how you rock remnants of the grunge era below!

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