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The last day of Toronto Women’s Fall/Winter Women’s Fashion Week opened with a mellow crowd patiently awaiting the start of a late afternoon show. Slow beats and monochromatic violet lighting filled the reception area, where plenty of well-dressed fashionistas were immersed in their phones.

KQK opened as the second act on the last day of TWFW. The next generation of talent graced the stage at 1 Yonge, and the looks were nothing short of spectacular.

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Karen Quirion, a Canadian designer and graduate of both the Campus Notre-Dame de Foy in Montreal and Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, is the founder of KQK, an urban brand capturing style in an energy that’s independent, elusive, magnetic, and youthful. Its looks combine modern punk with contemporary style for clothes that are sophisticatedly humble with a touch of defiance.

Quirion is known for experimenting classic tailoring with downtown streetwear, and we saw no shortage of this in the F/W ‘18-19 collection. Models floated down the catwalk in long-tailored jackets and slim, flowy pants. Clean lines and geometric cut-outs gave jackets and blazers a distinct look, while sharp angles provided dresses new edge. Brimmed panama hats were a staple accessory, an interesting touch that seems to prove this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

There was a nod to the nineties, as models donned small rectangular glasses. This look was occasionally finished with a long leather jacket for a look reminiscent of The Matrix.  We saw shades of gray, plenty of black, and the only pop of colour—a burnt red or rust-coloured orange. Leather was regularly mixed with fabrics for extra sheen.

The grayscale backdrop created an ethereal vibe, where models appeared to shrink into the distance on their return down the runway. It was an expert fit with alongside the girls’ dark pieces, seamlessly tying in the current transition of winter to spring.

Quirion presented minimalism at its finest, using a combination of fabrics, shades, and models to highlight her stylish, nonchalant pieces. Fitted silhouettes solidified the models’ fierceness, a noticeable theme in both her work and the show.

If one thing for certain, it’s that Toronto is full of style. From high fashion to preppy to vintage looks from decades past, there was no shortage of inspiration at this year’s Women’s Fall/Winter Fashion week, from both the designers and the people who call this city home.

What were your favourite shows during TWFW? Let us know in the comments!

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