Valentine’s Day 2019

Whether or not you love the holiday, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Personally, I’m excited, not to spend it with a significant other, but to celebrate Galentine’s Day with my besties. So if you’re planning a romantic date with your other half or fun with some friends; Valentine’s Day is definitely a day where you can spoil yourself with chocolate, candy, a little vino, and no one is going to judge you!

I find that with Valentine’s Day, you can either dress up or down and can still look cute – it’s not one of those holidays, like New Year’s Eve, where you have to go over the top in order to look amazing. Here are some looks to inspire your Valentine’s Day outfit, no matter what you are doing!

Who said Valentine’s Day outfits have to be a seductive red dress? I love when dates are super casual and you can wear outfits like this. If you’re going on a date and it’s someone you’re just getting to know, dressing a little low-key doesn’t make you any less impressionable. I love this look because it is laidback and trendy, but still put-together. The oversized jean jacket should be one of your closet staples! Pair with pinstriped jeans to add some extra character to the outfit. It’s perfect for the bowling alley, or to any other casual activity. Dressing for your environment is key to having great style.

This outfit is again very casual, but the jacket gives a more elevated and classy look. Take note of the fit of the pants – the high waist hugs at the tiniest part of the waist and accentuates her figure beautifully. The use of neutral and cool colours makes the outfit clean cut, but effortless. This outfit is ultra classy if you’re planning on going to a romantic dinner with your boo. Take our Kate Spade leather wallet to polish off the outfit.

Planning for a concert, bar, or nightclub? Since it’s still cold in February, this fuzzy jacket is a great way to layer up without overdoing it. Once you can take the jacket off, you have a see-through black blouse and ripped jeans. This outfit is definitely giving me rocker chick vibes.

If you’re planning on turning it up a notch this V-Day, this outfit is definitely a great way to grab your date’s attention. The skirt grabs your attention and accentuates curves perfectly. Create balance in the outfit with flowy top. Grab your SO or your girlfriends and get excited for a night of dancing!

What are you thinking of wearing on your Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day?

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