Fashion News | Xian Brings the Edge To Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Xian’s G.W.T.X collection showcased at TOM provides a taste of his Chinese roots with a strong streetwear aesthetic and goth influence, contextualized within a ‘Rick Owens’ type philosophy that black brings “sharpness and punctuation.” Colours were accentuated by the dominant black, sharpening the black even more.

The outerwear in this collection was the main focus point, including faux fur, leather and parka jackets. My favourite outerwear pieces were the white/black/sky blue leather biker jacket that patterns a gradient look, the orange/black parka jacket with abstract ‘paint-stroke’ patterns, and the snakeskin-patterned leather suit jacket with pink interior lining.

Featured accessories included faux fur Russian style hats (designed by The Malahai), which pays homage to his hometown of Harbin, China – a city intertwined with Chinese and Russian culture – as well as stylized top hats (designed by Jaycow Millinery).

Another point of interest and intrigue is Xian’s attention to detail and fluency. His collection was a consistent stream of edgy and alternative streetwear looks that broke down barriers of formality. When I think of who he is as a designer and compared both his identity to this collection, I was reassured of his sincerity and passion.

As mentioned before, most of the collection was in a predominately darker colour range. I’m one of those people that go into a store and gravitate toward the pieces that are black, not so much out of comfort, but because of what it stands for. It has an attitude and classic factor about it that is relatable. It’s a powerful statement colour and projects a feeling or mood. This is exactly how Xian presented his collection. I felt the energy from each look because they spoke through design.

Something valuable to take from our experience is how important it is to be open-minded when it comes to fashion (and in life as well). Xian’s designs were unique and out of the ordinary, while the entire collection and its story as a whole was composed and stayed true to his visual objective. It’s not always about if you would wear something or not; it’s about appreciating the time and effort that goes into the creative process and putting a runway show together that is genuine and exciting.

If you would like to learn more about Xian and check out his story/designs, visit his website or Instagram!

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Photos courtesy of and Donna-Marie Ieluzzi (via Samsung Galaxy S6) 

Sources: (Rick Owens’ 10 Rules of Style)

Blog post written by Donna-Marie Ieluzzi and Daniel Mangadap

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