Tips & Trends | Your Guide to End of Summer Parties

As unfortunate as it sounds, summer is soon over. Fall is on its way and real life starts back up in preparation for the new year. Thankfully, we still have one month left to dazzle in summer dresses, spend late nights’ patio hoping with our friends and enjoy the summer suns heat. August is among us, and that means we have to hit as many end of summer parties as we can before work schedules fill and the snow touches the ground in only a few short months.

Summer parties can be loads of fun, whether it’s a day at the lake wakeboarding our hearts out or a 1980s cocktail bash, it’s important to always arrive prepared for whatever kind of shenanigans might come at us. Remember it’s summer time and just about anything is possible!

Pool Party

Not everyone loves a pool party, there’s that slight bit of nostalgia of a childhood memory that may or may not have been the most positive experience. The ever so majestic pool party means swim-suit attire, which essentially comes along with, perhaps a tad bit of self-conscious thoughts for some of us and that’s ok, it’s totally normal! Thankfully, this summer happens in the era of a genius invention, the one piece. Super cute and beyond comfortable, we no longer have to consider wearing our grandmothers ruffled onesie anymore. One pieces come in all kinds of patterns and cutouts to fit and flatter any woman, just slide on a pair of denim shorts and your favourite sunnies and you’ll have nothing to worry about! Bring a cute tee for later in the night or just in case you decide to get wet – sitting in a drenched bathing suit isn’t the most comfortable –  and don’t forget sunscreen!

Backyard BBQ

BBQs are always a good time, you’re likely at your friends or families home where it’s easy to relax and have a good time. The only thing tough about backyard parties is what to wear, typically they aren’t labelled with a dress code so it’s completely your discretion. You don’t want to show up overdressed in a tight cocktail dress and bright red lips or underdressed in a t-shirt and jeans, so to look appropriate, it’s easiest to meet in the middle. Remember that you can never go wrong with a blouse and denim shorts. The look can easily be dressed up with a pair of heels or toned down with flats. Keep in mind it is summertime, and natural makeup is never more appreciated than right now, so keep your makeup light with a bit of mascara and a tiny bit of bronzer – a little goes a long way! Don’t worry about a purse, whatever you need should be able to fit into the pocket of your shorts, anything else can stay behind!

Summer Formals

Baby showers, rehearsal dinners, work parties and fancy night outs… this is the top time of year for summer formals, and thankfully they give us a fantastic excuse to dress up a little more than we typically would. A little less dressy than winter formals, you can get away with a lot during the summer months. Even the most casual summer dress can be dressed up with proper accessories and good shoes. Sticking with a colour theme is a really easy way to keep your look classy and synchronized. If you want to include an accessory in a different colour, make sure it complements the rest of your look – nothing is worse than a colour block disaster!

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