Tips & Trends | Flower Child: Spring 2017

Florals for spring? GROUNDBREAKING. I know, I know. Cue the Devil Wears Prada scene that even 12 year old me understood. Every year, I make it an incentive to get creative in order to successfully transition into the spring season without looking like a bouquet. Truth is, I’ve always gravitated to the timeless print. Now, I do believe that florals can be quite tasteful while others…not so much. I digress. Here is some inspiration for the upcoming spring 2017 season!

Sorry Miranda Priestly, but floral is timeless. That’s why it shows up every spring (and summer and fall and winter!). It’s the best way to say adieu and farewell to winter and welcome the freshness and brightness of the new spring season. The sun shines brighter, so why shouldn’t your clothes too? There’s nothing faux-pas about that!

I’m noticing more and more that florals are becoming more of a minimalist print as an alternative to the traditional “all over” aesthetic. I love how dainty it makes the print look, giving you more opportunity to keep it simple or perhaps play around with other prints and patterns as well!

What are your favourite spring trends? Let us know in the comments!

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