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The Designer Swap team was saddened to hear about the tragic passing of Kate Spade. It is always a pleasure to sell designs from her namesake brand, and we will continue to remember the inspiring woman through the legacy she left behind. Two of our writers today have written a tribute to Kate Spade. Donna-Marie and Anisa write about how Spade and her brand has influenced their lives.

She was more than a designer. She was a creative, a visionary and above all, she was a woman. A beautiful woman.

I remember the time I bought my first Kate Spade handbag and the feelings of pure delight and gratification that came with it. And then I bought my second. And my third. The feeling just never wore out; I was in love. It’s the same feeling I used to get as a little girl every time I got a new Barbie. I couldn’t wait to carry it around because I was proud to carry her name and what it stood for to me and so many women alike.

The brand’s visual presence is one so identifiable, yet unmatched. Comparably, her namesake is unparalleled too. Noted by Vanity Fair, “Spade leaves behind a design legacy that included over 140 retail shops and outlet stores and more than 175 stores internationally, in addition to the iconic handbags that launched her career in 1993. She built this legacy from the ground[.]”

I always walk out of a Kate Spade store feeling very in touch with my femininity and womanhood. Better yet, when I carry or wear one of her pieces, I feel empowered and pretty, strong and graceful. I’m a woman. I’m a hopeless romantic. I’ve known great love, but nothing quite like the love of a handbag. A Kate Spade handbag.

From our family here at Designer Swap, our thoughts and prayers of healing are devoted to her loved ones. May she rest peacefully.

“We honour all the beauty she brought into this world”


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Written by Donna-Marie Ieluzzi

It is an exhilarating feeling walking through the financial districts’ sea of dark coloured business suits in a bright pink coat with a bow. Or pulling out a Kate Spade agenda with gold polka dots in a meeting where everyone else pulls out their Blackberries. The Kate Spade movement has been empowering, bold, and at the end of the day…very impactful. It is truly “living colourfully”, and not just in the literal sense.

Kate Spade encouraged the embrace of the inner child in all of us – inspiring us to keep imagining, eating cake for breakfast (ok ok…maybe not everyday), and to chase adventure at every opportunity. Speaking of adventure, forget identifier luggage tags, Kate Spade showcased luggage that needed no introduction or label, instilling confidence in its owners, and providing colour even to the most mundane of business trips.

The Kate Spade movement spoke to people in a warm, welcoming and understanding way. One of my favourite pieces has now become a wedding must have– highlighting a very special label – the label of love. Stitched on the inside of any garment, the “I’ve got your back” accessory provides a likening to a comforting hug, with just that little extra sparkle.

From colourful handbags, to fun stationary, Kate Spade – you have thought of it all. You have walked with us, laughed with us, hoped with us and inspired us. So thank you Kate Spade…for encouraging us to “think, travel, celebrate, charm, decorate, dress and live colorfully.” You will never be forgotten.

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Written by Anisa Shivji

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