Fashion News | FashionTech October 29, 2018: When Fashion Meets Tech

Ahh the joys of fall…pumpkin spice everything, orange as the new green, and pretty much any length skirt being appropriate at work because of the genius that is black tights. But black tights come with their own set of challenges. There are the tights that tear when you accidentally brush them against the one nail you haven’t polished; there are the nature-loving tights that get caught on every branch, twig and pinecone in sight; and there are the tights that rip even when you just think of wearing them. So when I heard about the “unbreakable tights” that would be demonstrated at a FashionTech event in Toronto, I signed up.

The FashionTech event, which took place on October 29th, 2018 at the Design Exchange, provided participants with a glimpse into what happens when fashion meets tech. Event attendees showed up in all sorts of couture from the all-leather look with leather jackets and leather knee-high boots like the ones found here to the casual look with leggings and ballet flats like the ones found here.

One of the exhibitors asked me to imagine a world where I go to a fashion show and can instantly buy what the models are wearing…I imagined…bliss..then I imagined my credit card statement after…not so bliss…The exhibitor, Soundpays, is a company that uses soundwave technology to transport advertising screens/signs instantly to smartphones. Roots used Soundpays for their fashion show Northern Light, which showcased the Roots Holiday 2017 collection. With the use of Soundpays, everyone either at the show or who streamed the show online had the option to purchase anything the models were wearing through an app on their phone.

You know when you are online shopping and you see a little black dress like this one shown here, which looks just darling on the mannequin…you hover over “add to cart” wondering if the mannequin’s waist just looks a lot smaller in the photo but is actually the same size as yours? Enter Passen. Passen, whose slogan is “fashion engineered to fit”, invited participants to get a personalized 3D model to take the frustration out of the online shopping experience. The 3D modelling feature allows consumers to use their exact measurements to buy perfect fitting clothes without ever physically trying them on.

The final speaker at the event was the founder of Sheertex, the “indestructible tights”. As if on cue, my tights laddered at that exact moment. So much for ‘gramming my outfit later…Sheertex literally took tights to the next level. The Sheertex yarn was developed from the same fibre used in bulletproof vests! The founder demonstrated right in front of us by putting the tights on -on top of her heels. Talk about being on point!

As I left the FashionTech event, I found myself wondering how fashion will look in the next few decades.  Will the little black dress stand the test of time?

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