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A few months ago, I wrote a blog on where to get custom shoes across Toronto. During my research, I learned that many of these owners don’t think of their creations as just a job, but an art. Owners are passionate about what they do and want to only provide the best products to their clients. I had the opportunity to sit down with Peter Feeney, owner and designer of Peter Feeney shoes where he showed me in detail how to make custom shoes.
He showed me that it wasn’t just about measuring a client’s foot and putting together a shoe, it’s about creating a shoe that is of best QUALITY and will last for years. A few things to look out for include:


Peter Feeney’s shoes cost you approximately $2,000 as they use TRUE bespoke leather. Everything is 100% made to measure for clients. Bespoke is not just about the customized leather but the entire made to measure experience. Peter goes through multiple consultations with his clients and multiple fittings to ensure his clients get exactly what they want for the price they paid.


Stitching of the Sole

Within manufacturing companies for shoes it may take only a few hours to put together a pair of shoes. However, with custom shoes, the designer is patient and takes two weeks to stitch the shoe together. A big problem which I am sure all can agree with is that after a year or 2, the sole slowly detaches from the shoe and then wears and tears. With the time spent for each thread, durability is a guarantee with custom shoes.


Creating a Long Term Partnership

Peter has indicated that he thrives on creating long term partnerships with his clients. When choosing the custom shoes art experience, the designer really takes the time to ensure that in the long run you are happy with your product. Follow ups are done now and then to see if repairs are required or if any changes are needed.
These are three very simple things to look for when going custom and as a result you can create a unique pair that will last for years!

Building a Relationship

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Toronto consignment is still developing as is the custom shoe industry however; Designer Swap is constantly on the look-out for unique businesses such as this to ensure the best products and services are provided. If you have any questions about custom shoes or the bespoke experience we are here to help! Please comment below.

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