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Fashion Week is a religious experience for me. I hold New York near and dear to my heart for many reasons. One: it’s one of, if not, my favourite place in the entire world. The energy, the electricity, the people, the commotion…there’s no place like it. Two: If you’ve ever heard of a little series called Sex and the City, you know I don’t have to explain myself. Fashion plays a pivotal role in Carrie’s life, the same way it does for many women like myself. Lastly, New York is New York. You know what they say. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere-that’s what New York Fashion Week 2018 really brought to life. Christian Siriano, someone I’ve admired since his time on Project Runway, celebrated his 10th anniversary show. To say he didn’t disappoint would be an understatement. In celebrating this milestone, he also celebrated women, period; of all sizes and ethnicities.

“I’m proud to celebrate people from all walks of life on the runway and bring the world of glamour back.” – Christian Siriano

It’s always a wonderful feeling to feel included. That’s not always been the case in the fashion world though. I’ve spoken about equality on the runway before and I am constantly made aware of all the designers fighting for progress. Fluency is important to any story and Siriano told his Fall/Winter 2018 one in the best way possible.

As each woman came out in a beautifully designed look, I couldn’t help but feel these special emotions surface all over my body. For one, it’s always been extraordinary to see a woman my size in a position of such power, grace and confidence. Yet, while I feel so overjoyed, I also feel protective of each woman. The unfortunate part about something so monumental is that there will always be negative commentary. Not that it should matter but in part, it does. For example, I shamelessly scroll through the comment section of Ashley Graham’s posts on Instagram and watch her get scrutinized by complete strangers about her size and that heavily sits on my conscious. She is an extremely poised and confident individual but it makes me think about the women who aren’t, especially in fashion.

That’s why equality is so very important. It’s for the women who feel different. It’s for the women who don’t see themselves in another woman. It’s for the woman who can’t hold themselves up. Sometimes, the best way for us to stay standing is to watch another woman like Ashley Graham or Danielle Brooks take over the world. Christian Siriano used his platform to celebrate our differences and remind us that while we may come in different shapes and sizes, backgrounds and colours…we are all the same. We’re all women, we’re all human. He made the runway a stage for us to come together, not only to tell his story but ours too. Round of applause for Christian Siriano, ladies and gentlemen!

What were some of your favourite moments at New York Fashion Week? Let us know in the comments!

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