“Run Loubi Run”

Christian Louboutin is coming out with runners. I repeat. Christian Louboutin is coming out with runners.


Louboutin is like the popular kid in school that everyone wants to be like. They wear success like an accessory with a legacy to go along with it. Their contribution, or “footprint” to the fashion world has been an elegant and authentic display; a visual experience.

I’ve always loved the idea of luxury designers releasing some form of athletic-wear whether that be gear or sneakers. Although it’s difficult to know how functional they will be, I enjoy the creativity behind the release. If designers don’t beg the question: “what’s next,” then there isn’t much room to grow or level up. They took their iconic red-bottoms to the next level and I truly appreciate the art and wonder that comes off in each of these styles.

  1. Spike Sock Donna Flat

  1. 123 Run Flat

Speaking of Louboutin, our girls Anh and Linh find the best of designer for their clientele. If you’ve got a fetish for the red-bottoms like we do, check these ones out on the shop section of our website!

1.   Christian Louboutin | Kadreyana Cage 100 Kid Strappy Pumps

2.   Christian Louboutin | Marlenarock Peep Toe


What is your favourite pair of red-bottoms? Let us know in the comments!

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Images courtesy us.christianlouboutin.com/ca_en/, Designer Swap

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