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Shiny. Glossy. Lustrous. No, I’m not describing Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb (a must have, mind you). I’m describing patent leather-something either heavily slept on or adorned in the fashion community. Patent leather is a beautiful alternative to your traditional leather or even metallics. It adds a great pop of texture while looking sleek. It’s like putting icing on a cake. The first thing you look at is the icing (for me, I look at the whole cake but you get my point); similarly, patent is just as eye-catching. It can be styled in so many ways too, whether as an accessory, pair of shoes or even a jacket! Who doesn’t love that kind of versatility?

As you know, our girls Anh and Linh find the best of designer for their clientele. If you’re looking to explore the patent leather trend, check these pieces out on the shop section of our website!

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