Subzero Fashion

February for me is the month in which I perform my annual wardrobe update. This usually entails finding something bold for Toronto Fashion Week, something red for Valentine’s day, and something for the gram for my annual Winterlicious Ladies do Lunch. Enter February 2019. I am the kind of person who gets cold even when I just open the fridge for a snack, so February in Toronto has been…an experience. With subzero temperatures pretty much daily, my outfits went from let me just fashionably drape this scarf around me to match my knee high zero thermal value boots,to a full out Michelin Man bodysuit. It was only when my husband asked me when I was going to start selling tires that I realized the Michelin Man look was out. 

If you are like me, the fashionista in you is having an existential crisis with the current temperatures. Here are some “hot” couture ideas to warm your closet: 

Uniqlo’s HeatTech clothing: Think layering, from the inside out. Combine this scoop neck long-sleeve T-shirt with this leather collared blazer and these UGG Platform boots and #ownwinter.

Icebreaker’s Merino wool leggings: Choosing the natural over the synthetic. Pair these leggings with this Prada tote to embrace the ultimate casual chic.

Heated jackets by Ororo: We’ve all heard about down-filling but how about Lithium-ion battery powered? Complete the outfit with some kicks like the Balenciaga ones here on the Designer Swap website! 

So skate, ski and stroll while embracing “hot” couture. Until next time…

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