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From classic workout stores to celebrity lines, the athletic wear empire allows us to look surprisingly fashionable despite breaking a sweat. Look stylish and stay fit in this edition of Where to Go & What to Wear.

Spin Class

Sweat-wicking clothes are your friend. While spin shoes are recommended, they’re not required, so, pull out those new gym shoes you bought but still haven’t worn. Opt for a form-fitted, racer back tank with a pair of tight capris to match.


Whether it’s hot or au naturel, choose a flowy tank with a built-in sports bra to give you room as you move between poses. Pair with skinny-it leggings, in a classic solid shade, or get adventurous with mesh cut-outs across the thighs. Choose a mat in a calming colour that suits your yoga mood, and match it with a similar towel or one in a complementing pattern.

City Jog

Throw away your tattered old gym shorts and marathon tees. For comfort, opt for loose shorts. For style, pick up a cute running skort. Slip into a dri-fit tank top or short sleeved t-shirt to stay cool despite the heat. Hit the ground running with bold kicks that pop or coordinated monochromatic hues. If you prefer the sun off your face, top the look off with a ball cap in a classic colour or a loud patterned Buff.

The Gym/Cross-fit

These kinds of workouts bring traditional athletic garb to mind: gym shorts, muscle shirts, classic sneakers. Pick up classic work out runners – indoor exercising means less wear and tear, in a bright colour or standard shade. Choose from shorts to capris to full pants: Wear a fit that works for you, whether that means classic black leggings or neon shorts. Finish your look with a coordinated tank or long-sleeve that shows just a hint of logo.

With your look complete, all you need now is a banging playlist to put you in the workout mood!

What are your favourite kinds of clothes to work out in? Let us know in the comments!

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