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Although some of you may be feeling the winter blahs, one way you can remain positive during a time like this is looking forward to winter shopping. YASSS girl (or boy)!  Maybe you’re in the market for a new winter coat, and especially living in the great north; we can’t make it through a Canadian winter without one. Or, maybe you just want some new cozy sweaters or great accessories to make your look, look effortless! Here are some trends that I’m looking forward to wearing this winter!

Oversized Leather Jacket

Although I really should be investing in a warm winter jacket, I am really wanting an oversized leather jacket! Throw one of these babies on and it can instantly elevate a simple outfit from a 5 to a 10. Take a look at some of my favourite oversized leather jackets. They will surely become a go-to piece in your closet this winter.


Motorcycle Boot 

What is an oversized leather jacket without a pair of motorcycle boots to go along with them? You have an incomplete outfit, that’s what. I am definitely on the hunt for a pair of these babies because they are extremely versatile and can be paired with a variety of looks. I am a huge fan of saving time so if I can find a pair of shoes that work well with my wardrobe and can transition through the seasons, then it is well worth the investment for me. If the vibe you’re looking for is edgy and androgynous, you should take a look at our Hugo Boss Leather Lace-up Boots.

Puffy Jacket

Recently, I have been obsessing over this red puffer jacket from Aritzia. It’s actually terrible, I work right across from an Aritizia, so the front window display has been staring me right in the eyes! Warm is in, I don’t care what anyone says! The older and wiser I become (ya right) the more I am fully invested in staying as warm as possible.

Slouchy Sweater

Slouchy sweaters are the best way to layer during the winter and they pair well puffer jackets (Refer to above). Aren’t they really just genius? They are super comfy, versatile, and add that extra casual but cute vibe. An oversized sweater can be super flattering if you style them correctly, and can be used as a statement piece to complete your perfect slouchy sweater look. This winter, be on the lookout for cool, minimalist tones.

What are you looking forward to wearing this winter?

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