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The beginning of October means it’s finally fall, and that means something different for everyone. While we can all agree that autumn is synonymous with cozy and endlessly Insta-worthy, some look forward to countless PSL’s while others thrive off of Halloween anticipation. I’ve seen about a billion girls on my Twitter timeline longing for a pumpkin patch date, and a billion more proposing a spooky movie marathon. Bottom line? Fall is inherently good, for more reasons than one. What’s my fall season vice, you may ask? It’s blazer season, baby. It is officially time to dig into the depths of my cool-weather closet in search of my favourite all-occasion piece.

The Classic Function

The blazer, of course, is an office staple. You probably envision it in its original dark-coloured form, paired with a sensible pantsuit and kitten heels. The good news is that if you’re looking for office attire, the blazer is still as socially acceptable as ever in a professional setting. The even greater news is that it no longer requires shoulder pads and a matching knee-length skirt. New and trendy blazer colours and fabrics allow you to create just about any business formal look under the sun. Take this Iris Setlakwe blazer currently for sale on Designer Swap; the powder blue hue and a leather collar add pops of excitement to a piece with a reputation of being dull.

Iris Setlakwe | Blazer With Leather Collar | Size 8

The Evening Function

Yes, you can wear your blazer out on the town! They are the quintessential way to make skinny jeans and a simple tee look chic and put together. Prepping for a girls night out? Rock a blazer with sky-high heels and your favourite ankle biters. Dinner with a special someone? Pair your favourite blazer with a silk camisole and your favourite side-slit skirt. A blazer will shield you from the wind on a chilly evening, but it won’t be too hot to keep on inside. Prove me wrong on your next night out: I guarantee your blazer will be the glue that holds your outfit together!

The Everyday Function

I’m going to be honest with you when I say that I don’t even know how to describe this fabric that I am currently obsessed with. Is it gingham? Tweed? Plaid? There’s definitely a word for this magical textile, I just don’t know it. Whatever its name, I’ve been seeing this print everywhere lately- from trousers to scrunchies to yup, you guessed it, BLAZERS! To me, pairing this style with literally everything is the ultimate everyday look. I especially enjoy it with oversized shades, a plain tee, and a chunky pair of sneakers. Cooler weather begs for this blazer paired with a beanie and vintage combat boots. I mean come on, how effortless is this daytime-chic look?

What’s your favourite way to rock a blazer? Let me know in the comments below!

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